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Did you know we offer clinical trials right here in our office?  

We have partnered with CCT Research to bring you innovative medical treatment options through clinical research studies right here in our office, led by your trusted physician.
What is a clinical trial? 

Clinical trials are research studies conducted to evaluate new medical treatments. They are essential to finding effective ways to understand, prevent, diagnose, and treat acute and chronic conditions and improve a patient’s quality of life. 

Have access to the most innovative treatment options through clinical research studies led by our trusted clinical team. You will receive comprehensive medical care while contributing to the advancement of healthcare for future generations. 

Participating in a clinical trial may have many benefits for you and the patient population that shares your illness now or in the future. 

Study participants work with our clinical trial research team and physicians. Before the trial, our research team will check the participant's health and review instructions for the trial participation. As the trial begins, the research team will administer treatment and monitor the participant regularly for the effectiveness of the treatment. 

No! Everything related to the clinical trial will be paid for by the pharmaceutical company. In addition, participants typically receive compensation for their time and travel. 

Yes. A participant can leave a clinical trial at any time. The participant should let the research team know when withdrawing from the trial and the reasons for leaving. 

Interested in participating in a trial? 
We’re here to guide you through all options and answer every question you have so you get the best care available today. 
  • Receive study-related medication at no cost 
  • Have access to new treatments that are otherwise not available 
  • Help researchers uncover better ways to potentially prevent and treat diseases 
  • Receive patient care from top physicians at no expense 

What are the next steps to participate? 
  • Call us to speak with a member of the CCT Research team. They will ask you questions related to your medical history.
  • We’ll review and match your background and medical history with our current and upcoming research studies.
  • If you qualify for a trial, we'll schedule an appointment for further inclusion in the study.

    Together, we can make a difference for generations of families through clinical research.  

    Call us today to see if we have a trial for you! 


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