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When looking for family medicine doctors in the Versailles-Midway area that can treat depression, contact Versailles Family Medicine, with locations at 460 Wilson Avenue in Versailles and at 324 North Gratz Street in Midway. We diagnose and treat depression and anxiety in addition to everyday physical injuries and common diseases.  We can spot red flags among our patients.

The vast majority of mental health disorders are diagnosed and treated by primary care doctors and there’s no exception at Versailles Family Medicine. We know our patients, their health background and even their family history in order to accurately diagnose any problems.  We not only look after a patient’s physical well-being but also their mental and emotional welfare.

People with depression can experience low mood, negative outlook on themselves and life, diminished energy and concentration, difficulty falling asleep, changes in appetite and even thoughts of being better off dead. Anxiety can be just as debilitating and ranges in symptoms from specific phobias or panic attacks to generalized anxiety.  Obsessive compulsive disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder are also associated with significant anxiety or depression.  At your initial appointment at Versailles Family Medicine, a thorough evaluation will be conducted to get a good understanding of what exactly you are struggling with.

While everyone experiences bad days where they feel sad and hopeless, depression is a far more serious disorder that requires prompt effective treatment. Many people who have depression don’t know that the symptoms they’re experiencing are treatable.  People who have a depressive disorder often don’t experience depression simply as sadness, but may feel empty and lifeless, apathetic about things that they once enjoyed and feel more quick to anger and aggressiveness.

Depression can permeate every aspect of your life. You may find it hard to function at work, home or school.  You may withdraw from loved ones and friends.  You may find that you don’t care about much beyond sleeping.  As a result, your relationships begin to suffer.

Versailles Family Medicine diagnoses and treats the vast majority of mental health disorders, such as depression.The following are among the more common signs of depression:

Behavioral symptoms:

  • Pulling away from friends, family members and other loved ones
  • No longer participating in significant activities
  • Frequently bringing up the topic of dying
  • Neglecting personal hygiene or grooming
  • Giving away valued possessions

Physical symptoms:

  • Change in sleep patterns, which may include insomnia
  • Changes in appetite and eating patterns, which may lead to significant weight loss or weight gain
  • Pervasive fatigue or lack of energy
  • Headaches, stomach aches and other types of discomfort
  • Sexual dysfunction

Mental symptoms:

  • Problems focusing or concentrating
  • Lack of motivation
  • Indecisiveness
  • Mood swings
  • Unexplained outbursts of sadness or anger
  • Recurrent intrusive thoughts of death
  • Low self-esteem

Short-term effects of depression:

  • Discord within the family
  • Strained or ruined friendships, romantic relationships and professional relationships
  • Diminished effectiveness at home, work or school

Long-term effects of depression:

  • Physical health problems
  • Job loss
  • Chronic unemployment
  • Financial difficulties
  • Substance abuse
  • Social withdrawal and isolation
  • Suicidal thoughts

PA-C Jared Harper, PA-C Claire Schack and PA-C Elizabeth Watts see patients in our Versailles office.  PA-C Jenna Daniel and APRN Lena Nickell see patients in our Midway office.  Dr. Brian Smith and APRN Sammi Nichols see patients in our Versailles and Midway offices. 

For excellent treatment for depression, contact Versailles Family Medicine online or by calling (859) 879-0111 and arrange an appointment.

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